Duct Cleaning Done the Right Way

For a professional cleaning of your home’s duct work,
call Rob at Brush and Air Duct Cleaning.

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Is your house always dusty?
Allergic to dust?
Trouble breathing?

Clean ducts can help.

Dirty air results from air being drawn across dirty ducts, contaminated over years by original construction debris or deteriorating carpet, furniture, towel fibers, shed human skin cells, pet dander and hair. Not to mention unfiltered “Fresh Air” coming from outside. Consider the accumulation of dust and debris (dust bunnies!) under your bed or refrigerator if it hasn’t been moved and cleaned in awhile. Central heating and air conditioning circulates air in your home through your ducts with a fan, concentrating that air into a small space for heating or cooling before pushing it back into your living space. Deposits are left within the ducts each time the furnace or A/C is turned on.

Clean Ducts = Clean Air

  • Breathe easier
  • Feel better from allergies
  • Less dusting
  • Cleaner, healthier home/business
  • House has a fresher feel
  • Furnace runs quieter, more efficiently and you save money

You get to see inside your ducts before and after cleaning

Brush & Air Duct Cleaning Services

HVAC duct cleaning

Removes 90-99% dust, pet dander, odor, soot

Reduce allergies and dust, improve breathing, get a cleaner environment

Dryer vent cleaning

Cleaning, repair, rework

Duct repair

Minor duct repair and sealant service for a more efficient system

Furnace blower/motor inspection

Remove, clean and reset

HVAC support


Mold control

Ongoing daily air purifying

I Wave-R Ion generator installation

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