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Our Duct Cleaning business is based on honesty, integrity and giving our customers more than they pay for. We know our business and how to do the work correctly, you won’t find us cleaning a house unless it’s done the right way. We don’t just blow dust around, we clean ducts. Due to a good reputation and hard work, many professional Heating and Air Conditioning companies recognize the quality of our work and have been recommending Brush and Air Cleaning to their customers for years. We are experts in the area of Indoor Air Quality!

“Homeowners are greatly appreciative of our work ethic and professionalism; they can see the results of the work.”
Robert Ricciardi
Owner of Brush and Air Duct Cleaning

Premium Duct Cleaning

With background knowledge of HVAC systems and a thorough understanding of how your residential (or commercial) system works a plan is tailored to ensure that your ducts will be cleaned properly. This process of cleaning is by far the most comprehensive, thorough and best way to clean duct work!

25+ Years Experience

My knowledge also comes from certified training but more importantly real world experiences; having more than 25 years cleaning ducts in homes and businesses since 1989. That’s over 4,000 cleanings with homeowners and businesses that have used my services. I take the time to perform a thorough cleaning to ensure ducts are as clean as possible; it is a lengthy process. Cleaning on average takes from 7 to 11 hours per furnace to complete.

Robert Ricciardi, Owner, Brush and Air Duct Cleaning - Great Big Home and Garden Show exhibit booth, IX Center, 2022
Robert Ricciardi, Owner, Brush and Air Duct Cleaning, and his demo exhibit at the Great Big Home and Garden Show at the IX Center in 2022.
25 years experience

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On Site Quote:

As a professional I find it very important to see what I have to deal with. Looking at the configuration of the duct work, being new or 70+ years, lets me understand what can be cleaned and what will not. Viewing allows for an understanding of how long it will take for each step of the process and therefore an accurate quote given before any work begins.

Estimate over phone can only lead to issues – misinformation, lack of understanding for all, problems for the technician, disagreement over the cost, areas not cleaned or issues with the cleaning. A written quote is required in the state of Ohio.

Experienced Technician,
Owner Operator:

Other companies using the “Source Removal Method” of cleaning complete multiple cleanings for multiple houses in the same day! How is this possible? In reality it is not! Can you be sure that you are being provided with a cleaning technician that has any more than a basic understanding of how to clean ducts?

I’ll be the person who does your on-site estimate and the one who does the work. I won’t send an inexperienced technician to do the work.


A negative air machine to extract and retain debris, mechanical brushes and positive air pressure. Each piece of equipment is vital to the cleaning process, leaving out one of these pieces of equipment severely compromises the ability to adequately perform a proper cleaning.

Other companies may not use physical mechanical brushes, opting instead for inferior air powered whips, spraying that is scattered, pushing debris in various directions. Some others use inferior equipment combining a sparse brush with a wet dry vacuum that is often unable to physically fit into or navigate duct work–ask yourself if it is possible for a wet dry vac to suck up debris that is more than 5″ away from the end of the hose!?

Protecting your equipment:
heat exchanger, evaporator coil, blower/motor assembly

With an up-flow furnace it is important to shield the heat exchanger within your furnace and evaporator coil (A-coil) which is located above the furnace from debris, which will contaminate them, during the cleaning process. Protection from debris for down flow and horizontal installed furnaces is also necessary, however, the method of protection is slightly different. The blower/motor assembly must be protected as well. The process of protection varies with each systems configuration and can/will be explained when seen during the quote.

Companies that do not protect your equipment (heat exchanger, evaporator coil, blower/motor assembly) either have no idea what they are doing or just don’t care, instead relying on their powerful vacuum to suck up that chunk of drywall and dust off of the coil face when your furnace is turned back on.

See the Results:

All dust and debris is retained within a very powerful HEPA vacuum which filters ducted household air through multiple filters. As a result you are able to see what has been collected and removed from the duct work.

In order to properly clean the ducts, vent covers throughout the house are removed to allow for insertion of mechanical brushes to scour the interior of the ducts leading to the main trunk line; followed by compressed air to push loosened debris towards the main. The main trunk lines are opened to insert brushes and compressed air equipment and to see the cleaning as it happens. With a few steps up a ladder, you are able to look into the main duct work before and after the cleaning takes place.

Most other companies may not be able to show the debris collected since it may be either lumped into a collection system with all previous duct jobs or expelled into the air outside your home. If you cannot see what came from your ducts nor be able to see into your ducts how do you, or for that matter, the technician, know how dirty or clean the ducts actually are?? How can you be sure if things are clean when you look through a 1″ opening into a dark vent?

Your decision

You as a client are the only one that can make the proper decision on the type of cleaning that is right for your home or business. It is up to you to collect the right information and to educate yourself about the proper steps necessary to:

  1. Do the job correctly and right
  2. Protect your current equipment during the cleaning process
  3. Have training to extract a blower/motor assembly
  4. Are insured and have workers comp
  5. Are reliable and honest.

Rob is available for your questions – contact him at
(440) 653-6017

Who Needs Duct Cleaning?

New home construction, recent remodel, an unacceptable accumulation of dust in your home, allergies, sneezing, coughing, old house odors, pet odor, cigarette or smoke, damage caused by fire in or near your house

Problems Solved

Clean duct work improves the quality of air that you inhale and increases the comfort level of your home. Dust in the air, which is smaller than 20 microns and almost invisible to the naked eye, accumulates daily, day after day, year after year. Your body might have a reaction to too much dust or construction debris buildup in the form of allergies, runny nose, dry eyes, sneezing and coughing. Other more complex issues may include asthma or other respiratory difficulties. Pollutants such as fungi, bacteria, dust mites, pollen and dust can circulate freely through the air ducts of your HVAC system. Odors such as tobacco smoke, fire smoke damage or old house smell, may stay in your home longer if the buildup of debris holds the odor. There are many reasons in which clean duct work may help your health. Older homes have the tendency to accumulate dust quicker because there are more and more areas for it to adhere too. Cleaning brand new homes or homes that have had renovation tend to have drywall dust and construction debris in the ducts, especially obvious around the blower/motor in the furnace. Brush and Air Duct Cleaning utilizes the right equipment to clean dust and debris from the duct work.

A proper cleaning involves the following:

  1. Removal and brushing the supply and return register covers, then blocking the opening.
  2. Protecting your furnace/air handler from contamination during the cleaning process.
  3. Pulling and cleaning the blower/motor assembly (optional).
  4. Use of rotating nylon and silica carbide brushes to loosen debris in the ducts and clean the ducts effectively.
  5. High velocity 185 PSI compressed air moves debris through the ducts to the vacuum.
  6. Evaluation of the filtration system in your home

See what is removed

As a homeowner you have the opportunity to see the interior of the duct work, before and after the cleaning, and examine the contents of the filters within the HEPA vacuum to see what was removed. A homeowner’s reaction after peering into the now cleaned duct work is usually summed up in a one-word statement – WOW! It is meaningful and satisfying for customers when they are able to actually see the inside of their duct work, and debris removed after the cleaning process has been completed. They can then actually see why the process had taken on average 7-11 hours to complete the work.

Deodorize and Sanitize

The cleaning process may be followed by a deodorizer to rid the duct work of any unwanted odors or EPA registered sanitizers for microbial bacteria or mold control needed within the system.


Benefits to you and your home include a “cleaner, fresher house feel”, improved airflow, a more comfortable living environment that is virtually free of debris, better performance of the Heating, and A/C system, lower fuel bills through increased efficiency, and less wear and tear and longer life for equipment.

A professional whole house duct cleaning reduces the need to dust as frequently, and the removal of dust mites and their excrement may help relieve your allergies and congestion, improving your health by providing cleaner, less contaminated air throughout your home.

Brush and Air Duct Cleaning provides free residential and commercial estimates. We will inspect the ductwork and explain the process that will be custom designed for your home.

Rob is available for your questions – contact him at (440) 653-6017.