How we
clean ducts
the right way

Brushes + Compressed Air

Duct cleaning techniques and support services vary from company to company.

We provide both duct cleaning and full service HVAC support, a combination that serves you best.

Our objective is to provide the best cleaning possible – “Source Removal Duct Cleaning” – the removal of all dirt, debris and other contaminates from your duct work. It is recognized as the only acceptable form of cleaning and decontamination of the air duct systems. This method removes contaminates from all parts of your duct system, regardless of location.

We combine specialized equipment for efficient state-of-the-art duct cleaning with minimal access to the duct system:

  1. A multi-level filtration system (negative air operating at 2500 CFM with a “HEPA” High Efficiency Particulate Air filter)
  2. Rotating nylon & silica carbide brushes scour the interior of the duct work
  3. Compressed air at 185 PSI moves the debris into the vacuum


Drop cloths and shoe covers protect flooring and carpet. Heating / cooling system is turned off during the process. Register (vent) covers are removed and blocked to maintain suction pressure. The furnace air conditioning evaporator coil and blower motor are protected from debris that is within the duct work. The vacuum system is attached and turned on to capture debris.

1st cleaning with brushes:

Rotating nylon & silica carbide brush is inserted through each supply vent to scour the duct interior toward the main trunk line. The main trunk line is cleaned using larger brushes.

2nd cleaning with compressed air:

Compressed air, at 185 psi., is introduced into each vent opening to move loosened debris towards the main trunk line; then from the main trunk toward the multi-level filtration system.
The cleaning process is completed for both the supply (warm air) and return (cold air) sides [with brushes and compressed air from the cold air register grill toward the “panning”, trunk line and cold air drop].



Opening the main trunk enables insertion of equipment and also allow for a visual inspection – You can see the inside of the ducts before and after the cleaning has been done. You will see what has been removed from your duct work, captured within the multi-level filtration system.


Covers protecting the furnace are removed. Vent covers are replaced. Openings sealed. System turned on. Equipment removed.

Debris removed from ducts
SEE what has been removed

Cleaning Length of Time / Cost:

• A full day, 6-10 hours, is needed for a proper cleaning. Quotes provided – no charge.
• Price ranges from $600-$900 per furnace.
• Recommend next service to be done again in 8-10 years after the initial cleaning.

Additional Services:

• Remove, clean & reset blower motor
• Clean evaporator coil
• Deodorize and/or Sanitize with EPA registered products & mold control
• Filtration recommendations

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